Monday, 18 July 2011

Welcoming myself to blogger (again)

A few years ago I tried this whole blogging thing- a girlfriend and I set up a blog, on blogger, and called it "Cheese, Wine, Everything's Fine" (a good motto if you ask me). It was dreamed up after a few glasses and we thought our wit and hilarity would make us famous in the blogosphere. Needless to say, we didn't stick with it, we're not famous, and we're not as funny in the morning light!

Hopefully, with a bit more of an incentive this time around (like having to pass a course...), I'll be more diligent and more astute in my observations and entries.

So, about me... I'm a VCE Psychology teacher and I'm currently on maternity leave with my first child (who's now 10 months old). I'm undertaking the MEd TL for a few different reasons- I've always loved libraries. I love the sense of belonging they create in the community, I love the role they play in providing information and in encouraging the seeking of information. I love the quiet, cosy nooks they provide and the designated work spaces they offer. I appreciate also, the role that the school library and its librarians play in the wider school community, but also feel frustrated for the lack of acknowledgment that is given them.

I like the idea that being a TL will allow me to use my training and background in teaching and education, and combine that passion with my love of books and information literacy while still being in a school environment.

Oh, and I used to "play" libraries when I was little. I think it was meant to be...